Raw Cacao Coconut Squeeze Pouches - (Pack of 10)

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Imagine a little chocolate cake fix without the afternoon crash. How’s that for blissful thinking? And now even better in single serving pouches! 


  • Dry Roasted Almonds
  • Raw Cacao Powder
  • Raw Cacao Nibs
  • Unsweetened Shredded Coconut
  • Raw Coconut Oil
  • Pink Himalayan Sea Salt
  • Raw Vanilla Bean Powder

Our craft almond butter is naturally good—

  • no added sugar
  • no palm oil
  • no preservatives
  • non-GMO (we’re verified!),
  • 100% woman-owned (WBENC-certified!)
  • Whole30 Approved

Most almond butter is bland and pasty, but ours has that special “creamy spreadable crunch” that sets it above the rest, not to mention the absolutely delightful flavor!

This fan-favorite has everyone gushing — the best way to enjoy our Raw Cacao Coconut Craft Almond Butter is to eat it by the spoon! Rich and full of superfood cacao powders and nibs, sourced from the Dominican Republic — this almond butter with make your tastebuds go wild.

What Makes Us Different?

We are known for our craft flavors and stone-ground texture. We never add sugar and we meticulously seek out the absolute best ingredients we can get our hands on. There’s nothing fake here. No preservatives, no palm oil, no GMOs!

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