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we source happy almonds (sad almonds need not apply)

Directly Sourced
No Water Waste
Clean, Healthy Almonds
Meet the Farmers

We buy straight from the farmer, using the freshest almonds that are dry roasted to perfection, and then ground into glorious butter for your tasting pleasure. Many other brands use stale almonds, or even almond milk byproduct to make their butter. Um, no thanks. It's no wonder ours tastes better.

Did you know that many almond groves water their trees by flooding the fields and wasting literal tons of water? Well, that's not happening here. Our farmers use a dual-drip watering system that gives each tree the exact amount of water that they need to thrive, so that nothing is wasted.

One of the driving factors to a tasty and plump almond is potassium, and these babies are getting the most clean and bio-available form possible.

Since day 1, we've worked with the same third-generation, family-owned almond farm in the heart of Modesto, CA. We're pals for a lot of reasons, but mostly because we believe in them and they believe in us. When you love what you do, it shows, and these guys love their almonds.

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Four out of five of our almond butters are Whole30 for guilt-free snacking! No palm oil or added sugar ever.

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Our Story

it was 2014 and our founder, Rachel, was reviving her plant-based lifestyle while also planning her own wedding.

At first,

She went on a wild goose chase to find an almond butter that was both healthy and tasty. It was a bust. So, being the determined, creative entreprenuer that she is, Rachel invented her own recipe (now known as sea salt + vanilla) from scratch. Problem solved.

But then,

Rachel packaged it and handed it out as wedding favors to her guests, who wouldn’t stop raving about it—or stop eating it by the spoonful. Soon she had order requests, a small operation in her kitchen, and a regular spot at the local farmers market.

So now…

Since 2014, we’ve grown to a commercial-grade space, become a retail partner with Walmart, and landed on grocery shelves in 48 states. We’ve also expanded our lineup to five flavors—all starting from the original recipe Rachel wrote down in 2014.

Our Founder

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