Almond Butter Bulk Pail - 8 lbs

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Do you love your almond butter as much as we do? Yeah? Cool. Then you deserve the motherload of all almond butters, in a beautiful, bulk plastic pail. TBH, it's not nearly as pretty as our jars, but the product is just as delish and you can use the pail as your refill! #winning

We offer this bulk size in ALL flavors :)

Shelf life for these bulk containers are the same as our jars (18 months), but (PRO TIP!) we recommend giving it a good mix when you get it home, just to keep the consistency there. If you don't mix it up, the bottom will tend to start to dry out after about 6 months... it's still fine to eat, but just not quite as tasty. So give her a good stir, and you'll be good to go! Enjoy, almond butter lovers! 

What Makes Us Different?

We are known for our craft flavors and stone-ground texture. We never add sugar and we meticulously seek out the absolute best ingredients we can get our hands on. There’s nothing fake here. No preservatives, no palm oil, no GMOs!

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